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Tour Report, December 26,2015

On 26th December, It was the last day of the free walking tour we provided in 2015. Thank you all the guest we had 🙂

This year was a very significant for me. Since I have started the activity of providing the tour as a member of the tfwt, I saw some changes happed to me. First of all, I started to read history books which is the subject i had never been interested in. Second, I realized I DO respect our culture and history a LOT, through my lessons of the way of tea and dressing of Japanese kimono.

In Japan, there are many sayings came from the way of tea “SADOU 茶道”.

This is my favorite one, “ICHIGO ICHIE 一期一会” meaning “one time, one meeting” 

It describes a cultural concept of treasuring meetings with people. 
The term is often translated as “for this time only,” “never again,” or “one chance in a lifetime.”

Every tour I participated in, I had many ichigo ichie on each of our guest. 
This time as well, I met a women from Italy she was on six month vacation, about to finish her long travel. I was very impressed that she took note about the places she visits! And a family from Malaysia, and a their friend from Austria. I really enjoyed hearing their story about how their friend ship started. And two charming girls they are also good friends from Sydney, and a friendly guy from Thailand. 
I would like to say thank you all for joining our tour, and I hope each one of you could have a good time in Japan.

Have a happy holiday season.




Tour report December 20, 2015

We thank all the guests for joining our tour!

We welcomed 10 guests from overseas.

This Sunday tour started at 10 o’clock, and I felt the air and the green in the morning were very pure.

Dividing small parties, we could talk each other more closely. 


After the Imperial palace tour, we went to Asakusa.

Now we discuss expanding our tour area, so we had a special trial tour there.

In Asakusa, at first, we saw the sight at the panoramic terrace, and we walked through the Kaminarimon gate and the shopping street.  

            In the temple, we saw our fortunes by the Omikuji oracle and prayed for our happiness and health.


It was so interesting!

We enjoyed it and hope to have the Asakusa tour some day.

Yuriko Higo

Tour Report December 19,2015

IMG_0010Today, we have many guests from Argentine because the final game of the club world cup will be held tomorrow between River plate from Algentine and FC Barcelona. About 20,000 supporters of River plate are visiting Japan.


It will be our pleasure if they learn something about Japanese history through our tour.We welcome a family with children too and our female guide with Japanese kimono, tries to keep their attention and enjoy our tour.There still remains trees with autum leaves in the Japanese garden. You can take pictures in front of the pond and the water fall surrounded by the autum leaves.


We explain the historical sites which used to be Edo castle and answer your questions about our emperor or Japanese customs.As we have many volunteer guides, we make several tour groups so that you can listen to our explanation.

IMG_0184 copygroup C We prepare one touch kimonos for man and woman so that you can try to wear them and take your pictures at the end of the tour.IMG_0031

During the Christmas season, one of the street near Tokyo station is decolated with many illuminations and people enjoy walking. Why not join the next tour on December 26 at 13:00 and visit here after 17:00.IMG_0037


Notice:Sunday Tour on December 20

Date/Time : Sun. Dec. 20, 2015 ( 10:00-12:00)

Meeting Place : Tokyo Station Marunouchi Central Gate (ground floor)

We leave at 10:00.  Please take care to arrive on time !

Paticipation Fee : Free

Reservation : Not required

Partcipants : Foreign tourists and residents, and their Japanese friends,

families,  etc.

======For more information  on our tour, please visit our website ,

Facebook ,



Tour Report: December 15, 2015( Weekday Tour)

9We welcomed 11 guests from U.S.A., Australia, Malaysia and Mexico.
We divided the guests into 2 groups and started our tour at 10:00 am from Tokyo Station.

Due to the warm winter trend in recent years, it was not too cold.
We enjoyed walking for about 2 hours while seeing the beautiful colored leaves of autumn.

During our tour, our volunteer guides explained interesting episode of each spot.

We hope you have fun with our tour and will enjoy the rest of your stay in Japan.
TFWT’s regular walking tour is held on Saturdays 13:00-15:00.
We are looking forward to seeing you!

Please also visit our website, Facebook and TripAdvisor page!!

Reported by Yuko

Tour Report: 12th Dec. 2015

It was our great pleasure to have over 50 of guests on such a beatiful day. Personally I really enjoyed the tour, even though I’ve been away from guiding for a while.

(… and also it was my first outing with my brand-new Sony camera!)

During the tour one of my guests said it is unfortunate he could not see Mt. Fuji on that day. But you know what, you can still see Mt. Fuji on your 1,000 yen bill!

Like other countries, designs on currency represents its culture. I advise you appreciate a part of culture on your money before spending it!

Uh, me? I don’t even have a 1,000 yen bill ’cause I’ve just got my new camera! Long way to next payday (sigh). You ought to be aware of your budget especially when in travel, not like me.

M. Nagatsuka (Masa)