Tour Report on 7th July, 2012

Today we welcomed 12 guests from Australia, US, France and Malaysia.

Our meeting point, the Marunouchi central ticket gate, is modified and very sleek and spacious now. How comfortable!

When we started the tour, it was raining cats and dogs. So, we walked through the Marunouchi building, and some guests bought umbrellas there. However, it stopped raining during the tour. 
It was weird weather.

Today, the 7th of July is The Tanabata Star Festival.
It’s believed that wishes will come true if we write our wishes on a strip of paper and hang them on the bamboo branches on this day.
That’s why  we wrote our wishes on the strips of colourful papers and decorated bamboo branches with them before the tour, and carried them during the tour.
The Star Festival is an event originating from a Chinese legend of the two bright stars, Altair and Vega.
Vega, a weaving girl, and Altair, a cow-herding boy, loved each other. They had so much fun being together that they stopped working hard. The king got angry and separated them by the Milky Way in the sky. He allowed them to meet once a year across the Milky Way only on the night of the Star Festival.If they could meet, the wishes on the strips of papers would come true.
However, it says that if it rained, the Milky Way would overflow and they couldn’t across it, so they could’t meet. It also says that the rain might be Vega and Altair’s tears. I’d like to believe that today’s rain was their tears of joy because they could see each other.
May our wishes come true!!

Thank you for coming and for the lovely time!!

Photos by Isam, Atsushi, Aki
Report by Aki


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